Employee Benefits

Hempfield Area School District is committed to providing our employees with a benefits program that is both comprehensive and competitive. Our benefits program offers healthcare, dental, vision, and term life coverage, as well as a flexible spending account and 403(b) savings plan. In addition, optional, voluntary products are provided to help with income protection due to an illness, accident, or emergency. On this page, you will find information and forms about each of our benefit providers and services offered. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Pattie Strickengloss at 724-850-2221 or at [email protected].
Our healthcare insurance plans are provided by the Allegheny County Schools Health Insurance Consortium (ACSHIC), partnered with Highmark and offered to eligible full-time employees. Currently there are two products offered: Performance Flex Blue PPO and Performance Flex Blue EPO. The employee's coverage plan is specific to the respective collective bargaining contract(s) and/or agreement(s). The district pays the full insurance premium less the employee's premium contribution share as per the specific contract(s) and/or agreement(s).
Both the PPO and EPO benefit summary grids are attached for review. In addition, a grid comparison of the EPO and PPO plan differences is also attached. Please note that the Allegheny County Schools Health Insurance Consortium's website is a great resource to review all medical benefit information including but limited to the Benefit Booklets for the EPO and PPO plans. ACHSIC Website link: https://acshic.com/your-benefits/#
Best practice - seek care within the Enhanced Value Network to optimize the benefit and pay less out of pocket costs for services. Utilizing the Standard Value or Out-of-Network networks results in deductibles, higher co-pays, and balance billing. Register at www.highmarkbcbs.com to search for Enhanced Value network physicians and facilities or call Highmark Member Services 1-877-258-3123 for assistance. An employee may elect to waive the healthcare benefits and if provided by contracts or agreements may be entitled to a health benefit buy-out (refer to specific contract and /or agreement language for details).


The EPO and PPO SBC's (Summary of Benefits and Coverage) attachments are standardized documents, as per the Affordable Care Act regulations. The SBC does not represent all coverage features, and the coverage examples within the SBC are intended only to convey a general illustration of costs.

Change in pharmacy provider - NEW - OptumRx prescription benefits take effect automatically.
Look for new Pharmacy ID cards to arrive in June!
Please see attached FAQ and flyers to give program details and how what to expect during this transition of pharmacy provider and how it may affect your prescription needs.
Integrity Pharmaceutical Advisors (IPA) concierge pharmacists can assist you - and your physician!
CALL: 866-726-1180, or
VISIT: callendly.com/acshic/appointment to schedule a consultation call.
Information listed below is still in effect through June 30, 2022 
For retail, maintenance mail order, or specialty prescriptions - please refer to the attachments below for details or visit https://www.highmarkbcbs.com or reach out to Highmark Member Services at 1-877-258-3123.

Copay Armor - Protection from high-cost medications

Certain medications can be life-changing, but often these drugs come with a high price tag. To ease the strain on your wallet, we’re introducing Copay Armor — a copay assistance program available through your Highmark plan that reduces or completely covers the cost of certain specialty medications.

How it works. Copay Armor, powered by PillarRx Consulting, helps to leverage manufacturer assistance dollars to lower your prescription out-of-pocket costs. No matter what, your out-of-pocket costs will always be the same or less than what you’re currently paying. If you’re on an eligible drug, you should have received an enrollment call from the PillarRx team as well as a custom welcome packet with information on next steps. Should you have any questions about this new benefit, please contact the PillarRx team at 636-614-3745 Monday through Friday between 7:30am and 7:00pm EST or the Highmark Concierge at 1-877-258-3123.

See attached file for listing of $0 no cost vaccines available to members of ACSHIC benefits. 
It is very beneficial to register on your Highmark member website www.highmarkbcbs.com. Once registered, you can access your benefit details, view claims, and search for in-network providers. In addition, the website provides up-to-date information of many resources and services offered by Highmark.
If you need assistance with any coverage questions, you can get VIP treatment! Highmark has set up a concierge service to provide your one-call resource for help with coverage questions (see flyer below). In addition, Highmark can help: find new in-network doctors or hospitals, make appointments, and transfer medical records.
2022 Preventative Schedule (attached) - PLAN YOUR CARE: KNOW WHAT YOU NEED AND WHEN TO GET IT
Preventive or routine care helps us stay well or finds problems early, when they are easier to treat. The preventive
guidelines on this schedule depend on your age, gender, health and family history. As a part of your health
plan, you may be eligible to receive some of these preventive benefits with little to no cost sharing when using
in-network providers. Make sure you know what is covered by your health plan and any requirements before you
receive any of these services.
If you have questions as to which UPMC facilities are now accessible to Community Blue Flex members under the Consent Decree signed between Highmark and UPMC in June 2019, please refer to the attachment below.
A notable resource from Highmark is the Experian IdentityWorks and Identity Restoration Services (previously AllClear Identity). Provides Identity protection at no cost for you and family members. Review the Experian website or call Experian directly with questions.  You can reach them at www.experianidworks.com/highmark or call toll-free 1-866-584-9479. Please reference the flyer below for full program details. 
OTHER RESOURCES offered through Allegheny County Schools Health Insurance Consortium (ACSHIC) 
Lytle EAP Partners - Employee Assistance Program

Company code: acshic


Lytle EAP Partners is your provider of Employee Assistance Program services and Personal Health Partners. The EAP offers counseling and a wide variety of work/life services to you and your immediate family members to help with problems that impact your personal well-being and your ability to perform your job. Personal Health Partners offers a helping hand with the many aspects of family healthcare and navigating the complicated medical system. The EAP and Personal Health Partners are available 24/7/365 and are free and confidential.





Access to a doctor anytime, anywhere. Talk to a doctor anytime for free!  No co-pay!! 


Teladoc doctors can treat many medical conditions, including:

  • Cold & flu symptoms
  • Allergies
  • Sinus problems
  • Sore throat
  • Respiratory infection
  • Skin problems
  • and more!
Why Teladoc?  It is a convenient and affordable option for quality care.
  • When you need care now
  • If you're considering the ER or urgent care for a non-emergency issue
  • On vacation, on a business trip, or away from home
  • For short term prescription refills
Learn more and register at  

Call 800-835-2362



Same great service, with easier access...


We have access to expert medical opinion, provided through our benefits program at no cost to us and  our eligible dependents.


Your Advance Medical expert medical services are transitioning over to Teladoc.


With Teladoc Medical Experts, you can still access nationally recognized specialists and their advice by web, phone, or app at no cost to you.


Our medical experts review and advise on conditions like:

  • Heart issues, heart attacks, and strokes
  • Knee, joint, and back pain
  • Different types of cancer and tumors
  • Digestive and stomach issues
  • And any health condition causing concern

Just set up your Teladoc account in minutes to get answers when you need them most.


Call or visit 1-800-TELADOC (835-2362)

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Livongo - Diabetes Management

Modern diabetes management at no cost to you. The program is offered at no cost to you and your family members with diabetes. With Livongo you get an advanced glucose meter, unlimited strips, tips with every check, and coaches to support you so you never miss a beat.


Learn more and join at http:/www.join.livongo.com/ACSHIC/register Registration code: ACSHIC

Call 800-945-4355

American Hearing Benefits

As a member of ACSHIC, you and your family are eligible for exclusive American Hearing Benefits


Call 888-706-1459 to take advantage of your member discounts - see flyer below for details.

Wellness EdLogics

What is EdLogics??  With fun, engaging games - monthly cash rewards ($200 gift card) - EdLogics will transform the way you learn about your health. Get the knowledge and tools to help you make healthier choices and handle sickness when it comes. The more you play, the better your odds of winning. Play for your health. Play to win. 


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DENTALUnited Concordia Logo - Color
Our dental insurance plans are provided by United Concordia and offered to eligible full-time employees and dependents (meeting eligibility requirements). The employee's coverage plan is specific to the respective collective bargaining contract(s) and/or agreement(s). The district currently pays the full dental insurance premium for employees as per their contract or agreement. The dental benefit summaries are listed below. Register at https://www.unitedconcordia.com or call 1-800-332-0366 to have easy access to resources and information. Best practice - seek care in-network to optimize benefit and avoid out of pocket expenses. In addition, request a pre-determination of services PRIOR to treatment to be aware of any non-covered or out-of-pocket expenses.
Our vision insurance plans are provided by Vision Benefits of America and offered to eligible full-time employees and dependents (meeting eligibility requirements). The employee's coverage plan is specific to the respective collective bargaining contract(s) and/or agreement(s). The district currently pays the full vision insurance premium for employees as per their contract or agreement.  The vision benefit summaries are listed below.  Register at  https://vbaplans.com or call 1-800-432-4966 to have easy access to resources and information. Best practice - seek care in-network to optimize benefit and avoid out of pocket expenses. 
All employees have the option of an annual election into the Flexible Spending Account offered through Horace Mann. This benefit allows participants the option of deferring salary on a pre-tax basis to pay for healthcare expenses (medical co-pays and deductibles, prescription drugs, dental care, eye care, and other qualifying expenses), as well as for dependent care expenses (daycare expenses, before and after school care, summer camps, preschool tuition). This benefit will be consistent with and meet all requirements of Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code as amended. Please see the plan details and enrollment form attached below. Enrollment occurs annually during open enrollment (May 15-June 15). When a qualifying event occurs enrollment is permitted outside the open enrollment period.
Horace Mann representative:  Stephen Elsier Office:  724-234-2233 Cell:  717-422-7871
Learn more at links below:
See link for eligible flexible spending account purchases: 


Hempfield Area School District offers a tax sheltered annuity plan 403(b) for ALL employees. A 403(b) is a tax-deferred investment and savings program for school district employees. If you need more information or are interested in starting a tax sheltered annuity, please contact one of the district approved companies listed in Appendix B of the Plan Summary Document (see link below).



The representative will provide you with all of the forms and documentation needed to start, add, change or cancel your 403(b) account. Once completed, the salary reduction form needs to be sent to the payroll office.



Voluntary benefits available are: short and long term disability plans, various AFLAC programs, and supplemental term life insurance for employees and dependent spouse and/or children.


These voluntary benefits are available at time of hire and at open enrollment. These benefits are paid 100% by the employee through payroll deduction.


Attached below our program details.


If you have questions, please contact Pattie Strickengloss at 724-850-2221 or [email protected]

Association and Kansas City Life Insurance Company are the providers. If interested, you may contact the Human Resources Office for plan details.

AFLAC Insurance 

Aflac provides supplemental insurance to help pay benefits your major medical insurance may not cover or help you pay your bills if you are unable to work. This voluntary optional insurance plan is available to all full-time employees via payroll deduction. There are several policies available through Aflac, such as, short term disability, accident, cancer, critical illness, and life insurance. The dedicated Aflac representative for the district is Andrea Stearns and her contact number is 412-983-9396. You may also contact the Human Resources Office with any questions.