Foundation Funds

The Hempfield Area School Board created two Foundation Funds in 2011, one to support student scholarship (Scholarship Foundation Fund) and one to support grants and special district projects (Charitable Foundation Fund.) These Hempfield Area School District (HASD) Scholarship and Charitable Foundation Funds are intended to aid district students and teachers by providing support beyond what is available through state and local funding. Money from the Foundation Funds supports those initiatives that fall outside the district budget – initiatives that would otherwise not be funded.

The Community Foundation of Westmoreland County (CFWC), an affiliate of The Pittsburgh Foundation which is one of the country's oldest and largest community foundations, was chosen to invest and manage the HASD Foundation Funds. CFWC provides support and advice in all legal matters, awarding scholarships and grants, raising funds and establishing successful practices to ensure that the HASD Foundation Funds endure to support future generations.

A Foundation Funds Committee comprised of district, business, community, and philanthropic leaders, was created to govern and allocate the Foundation Funds.  The Foundation Funds Committee has set their initial fundraising goal at five million dollars.  This will annually provide ten (10) $5,000 student scholarships and twenty (20) educational grants of up to $10,000 each to innovative teachers. Money is raised for the Scholarship and Charitable Foundation Funds from donations and fundraising. Alumni, parents, and other members of the community are encouraged to make private donations. Donors may also donate through United Way via designation number  United Way #90000337.

All contributions are tax-deductible and used only in the Hempfield Area School District to benefit its students and enhance district initiatives.

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Please direct questions and special requests to:

HASD Foundation Funds

Tel: 724-850-2248 • [email protected]


Foundation Funds Committee Members

Jordan Pallitto, Chair Alumni (2002)

Zach Hilliard, Vice ChairAlumni (2008)

Marcy Stein, Alumni (1984), Secretary

Paul Schott, District Business Manager, Treasurer

Tammy S. Wolicki, Ed.D., Former District Superintendent

Rod Booker, D. Ed.

Darla Bryant, Parent

Audrey Dell, District Administrator, Alumni (1972)

Jackie Horrall, Parent

James Lazar, Alumni (2002)

Scott Learn, DMD, School Board Member

Nancy Neil, Ph.D., Former District Administrator

Josh Parry, DMD, Alumni (2003)

Jill Sweeney, District Teacher. Alumni (1995)

Mya Hilliard, Alumni (2016)

Lynda Sukolsky

(The date in parenthesis indicates their graduation date from Hempfield Area School District)