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Hempfield Area School District operates nine libraries. The high school library has one full-time, certified librarian. Each of the three middle school libraries has a full-time certified librarian. There are four certified librarians for five elementary libraries.

The Library Department goal is to provide an exemplary program to make students life long readers and independent information users. The ability to access and assimilate information is a crucial skill students need to achieve in order to be productive members of society. Hempfield Area School District Library program strives to aide students in developing these crucial skills with the support of teachers and staff.

The mission of the District Librarians is to provide necessary and vital instruction in order for students to achieve success in an ever-changing world! The vision of the Library Department is READ - Research, Education, Advocate, and Discover.


Research: Librarians collaborate with others to provide meaningful and appropriate learning experiences.

Educate: As libraries expand their roles, we reeducate parents, students and staff on new technologies, learning strategies, professional development, and programs. 

Advocate: Librarians support the right to read for all students, providing materials for all interests and needs. The American Library Association (ALA) Freedom to Read statement is supported by our school district. 

Discover: Libraries are a place of exploration, creativity, and diversity.  Our environment is inviting, inspiring students to achieve.


The secondary librarians implement the following project rubric for instruction: RUBRIC  

The elementary librarians implement the following rubric for instruction:  RUBRIC 

The Hemfield Area librarians partner with the Greensburg Hempfield Area Library to provide access and programs to our community during the summer. You are also in luck if you are looking to read e-books over the summer. All school librariesoffer e-books and participate in PA ebook consortium.  Be sure to check the respective library site for more details and feel free to contact the librarian.  

Pa School Library Project, October 2012

Who Needs a Librarian? 

Click on the link above and read the brochure about what the Hempfield Area School Librarians do to prepare Hempfield Area students for the 21st century.