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Hempfield Area School District Mission Statement

Hempfield Area School District, in its commitment to educational excellence, and in partnership with home and community, shall prepare students to demonstrate academic skills and social responsibility necessary to shape and meet the demands of the changing world.


School Counseling Program Mission Statement

The Hempfield Area School Counseling Program supports the mission of the school district, as developed by the Strategic Planning Committee and adopted by the Board of Education.  The School Counseling Program contributes to the accomplishment of that mission through a wide range of developmental services that address academic, career, and personal/social goals for all students.  Through the provision of School Counseling services, students shall receive the support necessary to maximize student potential and academic achievement, in addition to ensuring career and college readiness by graduation.  In partnership with other educators, parents /guardians, and the community, professional school counselors facilitate the support system to ensure all students have access to, and are prepared with, the knowledge and skills to contribute at the highest level as productive members of society.   


Philosophy and Beliefs

Hempfield Area’s professional school counselors believe that all students are unique and dynamic individuals, capable of becoming responsible and productive adults.  Recognizing that children mature at individual rates, the goal of the Hempfield Area School District School Counseling Program is to create a guided, planned, and sequential learning process from which Hempfield Area students can begin to develop the skills necessary to become competent adults.  Therefore, a comprehensive School Counseling program is an integral and important part of the overall educational program in the Hempfield Area School District. 


Hempfield Area’s comprehensive School Counseling program exists to assist students in maximizing personal and academic potential.  Through a total program that includes a school counseling curriculum addressing academic achievement, career development and personal / social growth along with individual student planning, responsive services, and system support, students are provided with their best opportunity for growth in a safe and supportive learning environment.  Delivered equally to all students by professionally trained school counselors, Hempfield Area’s School Counseling program helps students to acquire the skills and competencies necessary to move successfully forward through each level of schooling and prepare for college and career readiness.  Ultimately, Hempfield Area’s professional school counselors believe that providing a proactive, comprehensive program will assist all students in becoming productive, responsible, and self-fulfilled adult citizens.