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K-12 Counseling Department Staff

Hempfield Area School District employs fourteen school counselors at five elementary schools, three middle schools and one high school.  Five counselors are employed at the K-5 level, three are employed at the middle schools, and five counselors are employed at the high school handling grades 9-12.

ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS: (5 counselor positions)

            Michelle Apessos - Fort Allen Elementary School

            Sarah Taylor – Stanwood Elementary School

            Hayley King – West Hempfield Elementary School

            Melissa Ciesielski – West Point Elementary School

            Jennifer Bauer – Maxwell Elementary School


MIDDLE SCHOOLS: (6 counselor positions)

            Ray Killen – West Hempfield Middle School

   Judy Varacalli - West Hempfield Middle School

            William Fry – Wendover Middle School

   Julie Razza - Wendover Middle School

           Tammi Marshall – Harrold Middle School

 Joe Altman - Harrold Middle School

HIGH SCHOOL:  (5 counselor positions)

            Jason Thompson – Hempfield Area High School

            William Swan – Hempfield Area High School

            Heather Ragland – Hempfield Area High School

            Terri Reiss – Hempfield Area High School, K-12 Department Chair

            Julie Fallas – Hempfield Area High School


            Jamie Sebastianelli - Cyber Coordinator (6-12) and K-12 Career Readiness Counselor 

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