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Maintenance Department

Our maintenance department consists of 16 skilled positions and laborers who are part of the PSEA ESP Union. We are responsible for the upkeep and preservation of all buildings in the District.
During the school year, repairs and preventative maintenance are performed on all equipment and within the school buildings; while working around the schedules of teachers and classes. Our ground crew works diligently on the preparation of the athletic fields and the beautification of the school buildings and playgrounds. We work daily with Central Receiving for the delivery of supplies and tend to the needs, as they arise, of the technology and athletic departments.  Maintenance is required to attend many events and has a large part in the planning of athletic games, high school plays, prom and graduation.
Over the winter months, this department ensures that all lots are clear of snow and then salted before the arrival of staff and students.  This requires a joint effort from the team and a very early morning start.
During the summer months, we employ several college students who are Hempfield Area School District graduates. They learn different trades while helping our crew tremendously with grass cutting, weeding, painting and working on summer projects.
We strive to work in collaboration and in a professional manner with building principals, personnel and administrators.  All comments are welcomed by Daniel Anthony, Facilities Manager, 724-523-8673.