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Homebound Instruction Information

Click on the link below to view the Recommendation Application for Homebound Instruction:
Homebound instruction can be provided for any student K-12 whose absences will extend beyond ten (10) consecutive days. It can also be planned in advance in situations in which a physician through a written statement will verify the need following an operation, an extended illness, an accident. A mental health diagnosis requires a psychiatrist's or a licensed psychologist’s written verification.
Homebound instruction consists of five (5) hours of in-home instructions by the assigned teacher per week. Therefore, homebound students will need to complete assignments between sessions in order to keep pace with their classes.
1. Applications for homebound instruction shall be completed by a physician prior to the beginning of the instruction and shall certify the nature of the illness or disability, and state the probable duration of the confinement. If a question arises the school physician must be in agreement with evaluation before final approval is granted.
2. Homebound instruction will be provided for those confinements expected to last at least ten (10) days.
3. The District reserves the right to withhold homebound instruction when:
  1. the instructor’s presence in the place of a student’s confinement presents a hazard to the health of the teacher
  2. a parent or adult in authority is not home with the student during the time of the instruction
  3. the condition of the student is such as to preclude his/her benefit from such instruction
  4. the student does not adhere to his/her responsibility or is uncooperative
4. Homebound instruction will be provided for a maximum of five (5) hours per week or 180 hours for a year.
5. A student on homebound instructed is considered to be present in school.
6. In the case of a discrepancy in the student’s medical records, or a prior history of homebound misuse, the school physician or Assistant Superintendent may request a second medical opinion.
7. Homebound instruction will begin as soon as the application is approved and qualified instructors are secured.
8. Non-public school children shall register on the active rolls of the school district for the duration of the homebound instruction.
9. All homebound instructors shall be pre-approved by the Board of School Directors.
10. Homebound instruction shall only occur after the regular school day unless taught by a substitute teacher.
11. The classroom teacher’s responsibility to the student continues during homebound instruction. The classroom teacher shall forward assignments, books and appropriate materials to the student, through the homebound teacher. 
12. Students on homebound instruction will be required to have re-authorization every 60 days. This is secured by the Home and School Visitor via contact with the parents and the medical practitioner.
13. Students will not be considered for homebound instruction for longer than one (1) year, unless, in the opinion of both the school physician and school psychologist, classroom attendance would be harmful to the student’s health.
14. Typically one (1) instructor will provide instruction in the appropriate subject area. However, where appropriate, teams of instructors, by certification, may provide instruction.
15. The parent/guardian must accept and indicate understanding of the terms of the Homebound Instruction Program prior to the onset of instruction with the student.
16. The Department of Education stipulates that homebound instruction for emotional disorders be authorized by a psychiatrist or licensed psychologist.
17. Homebound instruction time is a student-to-teacher instruction time. Homebound instruction time is not preparation time or travel time.