Cyber Program Overview: Grades 9 - 12

The Hempfield Area School District understands that there are many things to consider when deciding what approach to take with cyber education. In order to ensure we are providing the most comprehensive cyber options for students we have developed two cyber options for grades 9-12, HACA and Edgenuity. Below is a description of both programs we will be offering. 
  1. **NEW** Hempfield Area Cyber Academy (HACA): Contact Building Counselor or Principal

  2. Edgenuity: Edgenuity provides middle and high school students with an asynchronous learning experience to allow students to complete courses at their own pace during nine week course uploads. This means students can log in at any time and pace themselves as needed. There are target completion percentages for each course in order to help students achieve an expected minimal pace and to complete the course at the end of the nine week period. Lessons are delivered through video instruction with all units, assignments, performance tasks and projects embedded in one platform. Hempfield Area teachers will manage the course content. Edgenuity’s online courses and curriculum are built using an instructional model grounded in research and are aligned to state standards, the Common Core, and the NGSS.