Letter from Mrs. Charlton, High School Principal

January 24, 2019 

To the parents, students, and staff of the Hempfield Area High School:


The Hempfield Area High School Administration was made aware of a situation which occurred today whereby a student used social media to communicate with friends a message which included a potential threat to the safety of students and staff in the high school. A number of students who received the message took immediate action to inform administration of the potential threat.  Pennsylvania State Police were immediately contacted by Administration and quickly initiated an investigation. While it has been initially determined by the State Police the student had no intent to act upon the threats which were communicated, charges are being filed in order to proceed with an appropriate and proper means of addressing the actions of the student. Disciplinary action against the student has also been initiated by the District in order to address the safety of students in the school setting.  We commend the students who received the message for reporting the information to adults immediately. The Hempfield Area School District will continue to take all such reports seriously and respond in a manner to provide a safe environment within the school setting.
Mrs. Kathleen Charlton
High School Principal