Thursday, July 2, 2020

You can participate in our Town Hall meeting in one of two ways:
  1. Email Pam Gibasiewicz @ your question(s) and they will be read aloud at the meeting. If we receive the same question from multiple people, the question will only need to be read once.  You can watch the meeting live via a link that we will post on our website the night of the meeting (see below).

  2. If you would like to personally participate in the meeting, Email Pam Gibasiewicz @  no later than July 1st, and she will send you an invite to the meeting via email with a link that you will use to join the meeting. We ask that you send us your question(s) ahead of time so that we are prepared with our response. As with all of our school board meetings, we are limiting public comments/questions to three (3) minutes. 
Note: Questions should not be of a personal nature. Please do not include student, teacher, or staff names. Questions should address procedures and processes only. Thank you.