High School Announces Freshman (9th Grade) Orientation

The Hempfield Area High School is proud to announce that it will conduct a Freshman Orientation for all incoming 9th grade students on Thursday, August 23, 2018, from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM.  Students are to report to the main entrance of the high school where they will be greeted by High School Staff.

Research has strongly indicated that the freshman year of high school is deemed to be one of the most important academic years in students' lives.  The 9th grade year of high school can often cause an increased level of anxiety for those students transitioning from the middle schools...from new locker combinations, increased responsibilities, additional course opportunities, increased academic expectations, and changes in social dynamics.   Based upon the significance of this 9th grade year, the Hempfield Area School District created a Freshman Orientation that is designed to better assist our students with this transition.  Attendance at the upcoming orientation program will afford students the opportunity to receive their individual course schedules, participate in a “mock run” of the schedule, locate individual classrooms, meet with their classroom teachers, and become better acclimated to the high school building and overall student expectations.  All incoming 9th grade students are highly encouraged to attend!