The Home and School Visitor's  are mastered level social workers with a Home and School Visitor certificate through the PA Department of Education.

    The following is a listing of the primary duties and responsibilities of the Home and School Visitor:


    --Maintain professional awareness and knowledge of federal, state and the Hempfield Area School Board policies and administrative regulations which relate to child welfare and school attendance

    --Facilitate optimal learning opportunities for students, improve communication with identified stakeholders, assist students in developing positive relationships, promote students’ self efficacy, the Home & School Visitor will work closely with:


    a.           Students

    b.           Families

    c.           School staff and administration

    d.           Pupil services team

    e.           External referral Sources

    f.             Community and neighborhood organizations.


    --Act as the intermediary between home and school.   

    Provide home and school visitation services to students whose situation warrants them.


    --Serve as a member of the Student Assistance Program team for their assigned buildings.


    --Coordinate and/or participate in multidisciplinary team staffing with or without parents.


    --Verify residency, tuition student, home education, and immunizations as requested.


    --Link families with appropriate agencies .


    --Coordinate homeless services.


    --Identify, analyze and share out-of-school issues and concerns that  

            impacts upon students’ learning.


     --Compile data from home visits that will be useful in determining how

              best to meet students' and parents' needs relative to improving  

              attendance and the school experience in general.


      -- Identify individualized services so  

             that the family, school and community resources are working toward

             effective solutions.


      -- Act as a liaison between school and civic agencies, i.e., the

               Westmoreland County Juvenile Service Center, Westmoreland

               County Children's Bureau, Westmoreland County Courts,

               Westmoreland County Board of Assistance, local police forces, etc.


    --Provides immediate services to students who appear to be truant, including appropriate communication with parents, etc.


    --Enforce the compulsory-attendance laws and regulations including completing all necessary forms and letters with the cooperation of the principals, teachers, parents, and other administrators.


    --Represent the district at all hearings involving any of the duties of this position.  Reports of the results of such meetings shall be made to the Director of Student Services.


    --Serve as a consultant to staff, counselors, principals, administrators, and board of school directors. Director of Student Services and externally Funded Programs in cases relating to the duties of this office.  


    --Supervise the issuance of work and domestic permits within the secondary schools of the districts.


    --Coordinate the homebound instructions programs including all necessary communications with students, parents, teachers, principals, guidance counselors, nurses and the Director of Student Services.