• Nurse Assistant
    Full-time position, RN or LPN license required.   Interested candidates please submit PA Standard Application along with clearances and credentials to Bob Reger, Director of Human Resources, 4347 Route 136, Greensburg, PA 15601 or by email:  regerr@hasdpa.net

    Custodial Manager 

    Opportunity for individual looking to make a difference. Full-time, 12-month position available for a custodial manager with the following qualifications: 

    • Prior supervisory experience with multiple shifts and scheduling
    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

    Custodial methodology and training provided as needed.  Click here for complete job description.

    Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest and resume to:  Robert Reger, Director of Human Resources, Hempfield Area School District, 4347 Route 136, Greensburg, PA 15601 OR email regerr@hasdpa.net.  The deadline for applying is January 19, 2018. EOE

    Head Coach- Girls' Lacrosse   2017-2018 Season
    The responsibilities of the Head Coach include:
    • Has a thorough knowledge of all the Athletic Policy approved by the Hempfield Area Board of Education and is responsible for it's implementation by the entire staff of the sports program.
    •  Has knowledge of existing system, state and league regulations; implements same consistently and interprets them for staff.
    •  Understands the proper administrative line of command and refers all requests or grievances through proper channels. Is aware of all public/staff/departmental meetings that require attendance.
    • Establishes the fundamental philosophy, skills and techniques to be taught by staff. Designs clinics and staff meetings to insure staff awareness of overall program.
    • Trains and informs staff, encourages professional growth.
    • Delegates specific duties, supervises implementation, and at season's end, analyzes staff effectiveness and evaluates all assistants.
    • Maintains discipline, adjusts grievances and works to increase morale and cooperation.
    •  Perform such other duties which may be assigned by the Athletic Director/Principal.
    • Provides the Athletic Director with the season's record scores, achievements, and equipment inventory within ten days after the season has ended.
    • Assists the Athletic Director in scheduling, providing transportation and requirements for tournament and special sport events.
    • Assists in the necessary preparation to hold scheduled sports events or practices and adheres to scheduled facility times. Coordinates program with maintenance and school employees.
    • Provides documentation to fulfill state and system requirements concerning physical examinations, parental consent and eligibility.
    • Provides proper safeguards for maintenance and protection of assigned equipment sites.
    • Advises the Athletic Director and recommends policy, method, or procedural changes.
    • Provides a list of lettermen to director's office.
    • Responsible for letter awards to students.
    • Provides the director's office a list of Parents' Club officers, provides training rules and any other unique regulations of the sport to each athlete who is considered a participant.
    • Gives constant attention to a student athlete's grades and conduct.
    • By his/her presence at all practices, games and while traveling, provides assistance, guidance and safeguards for each participant.
    • Initiates programs and policies concerning injuries, medical attention and emergencies.
    • Completes paperwork on all disabling athletic injuries on proper forms and submits to athletic office within 24 hours.
    • Directors student managers, assistants and statisticians.
    • Determines discipline, delineates procedures concerning due process when the enforcement of discipline is necessary and contacts parents when a student is dropped or becomes ineligible.
    • Assists athletes in their college or advanced educational selection.
    • Permits the athletes to only be in authorized areas of the building at the appropriate times.
    • Responsible for supervision of athletes from the beginning of practice until they leave on the bus for home.
    • Participates in the budgeting function with the Athletic Director by recommending equipment guidelines as to type, style, color or technical specifications. Is responsible for operating within budget appropriations.
    • Is accountable for all equipment and collects the cost of any equipment lost or not returned. Arranges for issuing, storing and reconditioning of equipment and submits annual inventory and current records concerning same.
    • Properly marks and identifies all equipment before issuing or storing.
    • Monitors equipment rooms and coaches' offices, authorizes who may enter, issue or requisition equipment.
    • Examine locker rooms before and after practices and games, checking on general cleanliness of the facility.
    • Responsible for cleanliness and maintenance of specific sport equipment.
    • Secures all doors, lights, windows and locks before leaving building if custodians are not on duty.
    • Instills in each player a respect for equipment and school property - its care and proper use.
    • Organizes parents, coaches, players and guest for pre-season meetings.
    • Promotes the sport within the school through recruiting athletes that are not in another sports program and promotes the sport outside the school through news media, Little League programs, or in any other feasible manner.
    • Responsible for the quality, effectiveness and validity of any oral or written release to local media.
    • Responsible for maintaining good public relations with news media, Booster Club, parents, officials, volunteers and fans.
    • Presents information to news media concerning schedules, tournaments and results.
    Assistant Rifle Coach  2017-18 Season


    • Teach technique declared by head coach.
    • Assist with team fundraising.
    • Aid in game or meet situations.
    • Attend off season workouts.
    • Coach Junior Varsity games or meets.
    • Aid in the collection of eligibility forms.
    • Monitor locker room before and after practice.
    • Aid in distribution and collection of equipment and uniforms.
    • Assist in preparation of practice and game, meet or match planning.
    • Attend off season team meetings.
    • Attend all practices, scrimmages and games.
    • Help set up and break down equipment for all home games, matches and meets.
    • Make sure that all equipment is moved off of the practice field and that no garbage or drink bottles remain.
    • Scout opponents when needed.
    • Support the philosophy of the High School Head Coach.
    • Train team members in a sportsmanlike manner.
    • Provide necessary supervision for transportation.
    • Report any student to head coach that violates the Code of Conduct rules
    • Performs other duties as assigned by the building principal, HASD Athletic Director, or Athletic Operations Manager.
    Interested candidates for a coaching position, please fill out an Athletic Coaching Application and return to:
    Greg Meisner
    Athletic Director
    4347 Route 136
    Greensburg, PA 15601 
    The District is also accepting applications for the following postions:  
    • Substitute building aides
    • Permanent and substitute custodians
    • Substitue nurses
    • Substitute paraprofessionals
    • Substitute secretaries
    • Substitute teachers

     Interested candidates should send resume and additional credentials to HASD, Human Resources Office, 4347 Route 136, Greensburg, PA 15601 or email:  regerr@hasdpa.net.  Please click here for application information and all required clearances and forms.  EOE