West Point Elementary School has approximately 420 students and approximateley 50 professional and support staff members.  We have three classes of each grade: K-5, two learning support classes, guidance services, remedial reading, speech and language support, and full time nursing support.  Students also receive art, music, library, technology, and physical eduction once per 5-day cycle.  
    We have adopted the school-wide POSITIVE BEHAVIOR SUPPORT THEME:
     "West Point Students, Families, and Staff ARE CARING
    Toward themselves, others, and the community."
      From this we have identified the following nine character traits that we feel are important for the development of productive adults: 
    Attitude, Respect, Empathy, Citizenship,
    Acceptance, Responsibility, Improvement, Neatness, and Generosity
    Teachers and other staff members teach and reinforce lessons based on the character traits, in an effort to make West Point a "bully-free" zone, as well as an environment for positive growth and achievement.  
    The reading theme for the 2017-2018 school year is :  Welcome to the Jungle: Where Children Learn, Explore, and Grow