The goal of the high school science department is to promote literacy in science, mathematics, and technology in order to help people live interesting, responsible, and productive lives.  Thus, the science curriculum has been designed to meet the varied needs of all students attending our high school.

    The science curriculum at Hempfield Area High School correlates favorably with National, State, and local standards. We offer courses to students with a wide variety of abilities, interestes, and needs. We provide college level Advanced Placement courses to students in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as well as science courses that will prepare the typical student to be an educated consumer. In addition, students can choose from many elective courses such as Earth Science, Space Science, Weather Science, Ocean Science, Ecology, Geology, Astronomy, Biology II, Physics II, and Chemistry II, and Forensic Science.

    Another important aspect of the science curriculum is the use of hands-on lab activities. All of the academic, honors, and A.P. courses have scheduled lab time allowing students the time to complete laboratory investigations. Science students use a variety of technologies in the classroom for the purpose of collecting and analyzing data.