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    Upcoming 2017 Astronomy Events!
    October 7-8 Draconoid Meteor Shower - The exciting thing about this meteor shower is that it is best viewed at night, so you don't have to wake up early in the morning.  Though there are usually few meteors in this shower, rarely there are hundreds of meteors in an hour!  A great reason to enjoy gazing at the stars on a October evening.  (Saturday & Sunday)
    October 21 Orionid Meteor Shower - It's a good year for the Orionid meteor shower as the moon will set early, leaving a dark sky for the early morning meteor shower.  Best after midnight (20-40 per hour at peak), the Orionids are usually best just before dawn and can sometimes produce long tails or even fireballs! (Saturday)
    November 11-12 North Taurids Meteor Shower - Featuring slow moving, bright meteors, watch from late night on November 11 to morning of November 12 for this metor shower.  7 meteor/hour peak (Saturday & Sunday)
    November 17-18 Leonoid Meteor Shower - Another moon-free meteor shower, this one comes from the constellation Leo.  10-15 meteors/hour peak, though there was once a burst of up to 1,000/min for 15 min (Friday & Saturday)
    December 13-14 Geminid Meteor Shower - One of the best meteor showers on Earth!  The moon will be in a waning crescent this year, so it won't affect this shower much either.  The peak is around 2 am.  50 meteors/hour peak (Wednesday & Thursday)

    Learn more about all of these meteor showers and how to view them at http://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/earthskys-meteor-shower-guide 

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