The Hempfield Area School District K-12 mathematics curriculum encourages all students to develop a positive attitude and strive toward their full potential in mathematics.  This curriculum will provide students with a variety of learning experiences, which will enable them to understand the relationship of mathematics to their world and prepare them for future learning.


    The mathematics curriculum emphasizes the understanding of concepts and development of critical thinking skills. Instruction emphasizes that to know mathematics is to engage in a quest to understand and communicate, not merely calculate.  Evaluation of student achievement and program effectiveness will be ongoing with necessary changes being implemented.


    The primary beliefs of this philosophy are that our curriculum will:


    1. Offer a planned sequential mathematics curriculum, K-12 taught by certified teachers.


    2. Promote a belief in the usefulness and value of mathematics in an ever changing technological society.


    3. Emphasize the understanding and application of concepts and algorithms.


    4. Acknowledge that mathematics and technology are changing and evolving so rapidly that opportunities for staff development and training must be an ongoing process.


    5. Include mathematics assessments, which relate to the nature of the expected learning standards, emphasizing problem solving and critical thinking skills.


    6. Challenge all students to increase their mathematical knowledge and understanding.


    7. Foster an appreciation of mathematics and promote life-long learning.