• The Visual Arts Department

    The Visual Arts Department of our high school offers an art experience for everyone while also preparing "art-serious" students for continued study. The curriculum is progressive and contemporary in educational ideology and technology but founded on traditional studies in art.

    Our curriculum offers traditional drawing, painting, ceramics and sculpting courses. In addition, we offer courses in creativity, photography along with digital imaging courses. Our students can study at advanced levels in drawing II, painting II, photo II, ceramic and sculpture II or art studio.

    Some sequencing of courses results from having beginning level I courses that lead to a level II of that same course; however, the sequencing does not move along cognitive developmental lines from one course to some different course. Integration of instruction and experience occur randomly or spontaneously, not by design. The students decide where they start and where they go; the art faculty helps them get there.

    The staff at the high school, a team of specialists, each brings artistic talents and skills to the total program. Practicing and often exhibiting artists in their own right, they have served as local art club officers, on collegiate panels, and they have also made state and local conference presentations.

    Our service-oriented art clubs participate in many school events and exhibits. Our students and staff have been leading forces in the establishment of a local high school senior portfolio presentation. The Visual Arts Department is definitely a part of what makes Hempfield an academic leader.