• Building the Foundation For a Lifetime of Literacy and Learning
          The "motto" of the Hempfield Area English Department reads: "Building the foundation for a lifetime of literacy and learning." That motto succinctly expresses the working philosophy of the department. We want Hempfield students to be able to read, write, speak, listen, think, and learn at all levels of competence appropriate for their individual abilities – sufficient for modern society’s needs and consistent with the school’s general philosophy.
         We believe in engaging students actively in the language behaviors needed to develop the kinds of literacy we value so highly in this philosophy. We want our students to have learning experiences that will last them a lifetime. We want them to read, write, talk, and think with skill and power when they become adults and community leaders.
         Our goals are to provide instruction in the English language which will enable students to think and communicate in a clear, concise, logical, and effective manner, to develop in students a literary consciousness relative to the power of the written word and to instill in them an appreciation of the imaginative ability of a writer by discovering both the symbolic and personal meaning within the literary text, and to engage the students in composing and thinking processes in ways that heighten the self-awareness of their own learning behaviors.
Last Modified on July 22, 2013