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Services Provided

Diagnostic Services - The multidisciplinary team conducts formal / informal assessments of a child's speech and language (this may be periodic or by request).

Screening Services - Cursory review of speech and language skills to determine if an evaluation is necessary.

  • First Grade-Spring Semester Screening
  • Follow Up Screening-Fall Semester
  • Screening per Parent/Teacher request


Collaborative Intervention - The Speech and Language Pathologist will collaborate with the student's classroom teacher(s) and/or parents.  The pathologist will assist them in understanding the nature of the disorder and consult with them regarding classroom and home intervention strategies. 

Individual / Small Group Therapy  - The Speech and Language Pathologist will develop an Individualized Education Plan to best meet the child's speech and language needs..

Services are provided for the following:

Articulation Disorder - The abnormal production of speech sounds which may interfere with academic achievement and/or social interaction.

Language Disorder - An impairment which delays the development or comprehension and/or use of written and spoken language.

  • Receptive Language - Ability to understand verbal and non-verbal information
  • Expressive Language - Ability to communicate with others through verbal and non-verbal modes.


Fluency Disorder - The abnormal flow of verbal expression characterized by impaired rate, rhythm, and/or struggle behavior.

Voice Disorder - Absence or abnormal production of vocal quality, pitch, loudness, resonance, and/or duration.

Hearing Disorder - The disadvantage or difficulty in everyday living or working activities resulting from hearing impairment.

Auditory Processing - Breakdown in an individual's auditory skills that results in diminished learning through hearing, even though hearing acuity is normal.