CUSTODIAL DEPARTMENT                            custodian


    We have 51 custodians working throughout the District.  Each school has a head custodian for the daylight shift.  This person is responsible for opening the building and having it ready for the students, teachers and the offices each day.  They cut grass during the school year and make sure the sidewalks and entrances are clear of snow and ice during the winter months.  The head custodian is on-hand for many needs of the students and teachers throughout the school day.


    A certified pool and pesticide operator works at the high school.  While maintaining the cleanliness of the pool and surrounding areas, this custodian ensures that proper chemicals are at state approved levels in the swimming pool each day.


    Our second and third shift custodians are responsible for cleaning the classrooms, restrooms, library, gymnasium and all other areas each night.  This crew will help in the set-up and tear-down of events such as band and music concerts, athletic events, etc.  They also help in keeping the sidewalks clear during bad weather and cutting the grass when needed.


    Not only do our custodians work during the school year, many are in the buildings working year-round.  There is a five week clean-up period over the summer when the entire crew works together to perform heavy-duty cleaning, such as stripping and waxing the floors, cleaning out uni-vents, scrubbing desks, chairs, windows, etc.


    Our custodians take pride in their work and truly care about the students and staff they work with.