• HEP – Class Policy


    Mrs. Bengel     Mr. Clark      Mr. Harden      Mrs. Staines    Mr. Westerlund

    General Rules:

    • You are expected to get to the HEP Room in a timely manner.

    • You are expected to maintain a respectful attitude toward the HEP Coordinators and your fellow students at all times, including when attending HEP competitions/seminars.

    • Permission slips must be signed prior to attending any competitions/seminars.  If it’s not signed, you don’t go!

    • It is very important to fulfill your mandatory GIEP goals!  Please be sure to listen for announcements, visit the HEP website calendar, and check the whiteboard in the HEP room for a listing of events and participants.  Unsatisfactory grades, incomplete assignments, or unfulfilled GIEP goals may prohibit you from attending HEP activities/competitions and/or the Resource Room during study hall.  Please see the consequence chart below.

    The following are strictly prohibited in the HEP Room:

    • Cell phones (pending Chromebook distribution)

    • Playing games on the computers

    • Use of language/comments deemed inappropriate

    • Blatantly disobeying directions or requests of the HEP Coordinators


    • Verbal warning

    • Parent notification

    • Possible suspension from the HEP room, parent notification, and disciplinary referral to the grade-level principal

    • Consequence to be determined by the GIEP team--(Parent, Student, HEP Coordinator, Administrator, Teacher)