West Hempfield's "Student of the Month" program recognizes two students from each grade level who have demonstrated excellence in the following categories:



    These students consistently come to class prepared to learn, never failing to complete projects and assignments in a timely manner.  They go above and beyond the expectations of class requirements and show consistent progress in their academic endeavors.  Overall, our "Students of the Month "stand out as exemplary pupils.



    WHMS's "Students of the Month" not only excel academically, but also strive to foster an attitude of positivity and act as role models for their peers.  These students demonstrate respect toward their teachers, the staff as well as their peers.  They exhibit good character in following all school rules, and put forth their full effort toward all tasks they are asked to complete. 


    Personal Development

    "Students of the Month" additionally participate in a host of extracurricular activities both at school, and in their communities.  Additionally, these students have an eye for philanthropic work, volunteering their time and talents to help others.