Dear Families,

    Welcome back to the 2017--2018 school year! This school year has just begun, and there will be plenty of memories to be made. The Wendover yearbook staff will be capturing those memories for the 2017- 2018 Wendover Yearbook.  

    We will be kicking off our yearbook sales at Open House, Thursday, September 7, 2017.    Come visit us in the cafeteria that night to purchase a yearbook.  The cost is $30.  Cash or check made payable to Wendover Middle School will be accepted.  

    In addition to the Open House Yearbook sale, students are provided with two other options to purchase their yearbooks or an option to earn a free yearbook:

    Option 1—In School

    Yearbook sales will begin September 8th and run through October 27th  and can be purchased during homeroom outside of Room 116.  Each yearbook will be sold for $30 and checks should be made out to Wendover Middle School.  Please note that all checks must be written in blue or black ink. Upon purchasing a yearbook, your child will receive a receipt of purchase.  This receipt should be kept until May to avoid misunderstandings about yearbook purchases.    Students must either purchase the yearbook in full during the time of sale or they can make two payments of $15 each.  The first payment is due by October 27th and the second is due by December 8th.  

    Option 2—Online

    Online sales begin September 6th and run through January 14, 2018.  Online sales offer the convenience of buying a yearbook from home and purchasing additional items to make your yearbook extra special.  These extras include name stamps, i tags, a clear plastic cover and additional autograph pages.  Please visit www.yearbooksforever.com to purchase a book and learn more about making your yearbook special.  This link is also available on the school’s website.  Be sure to use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 10 as your browser.  

    Option 3- Magazine Sale (September 5th--September 21st)

    Just like last year, each student will have the opportunity to earn a free yearbook through the magazine sale.  Students will need to sell 14 products in order to receive a free yearbook.    No other fundraising opportunities are available to earn a discounted yearbook.   If your child has earned a free yearbook and he/she is interested in yearbook details, such as a name stamp or plastic cover, please have your child see Mrs. McGill/Mrs. Forrester to discuss the separate pricing for these add-on details.

    Once again, we are excited to offer a sibling discount.  If you have two or more Wendover students in your household, the older child will pay $30 and the younger child(ren) will pay $20.  To take advantage of this offer, you must purchase the yearbooks in school.  Online purchasing is not available for this offer.  It would be helpful for us if siblings come together to make their purchases.

    No extra yearbooks will be ordered, so don‘t miss out on purchasing yours on time!  The last opportunity to order a yearbook is to do so by the January 14th on-line deadline date.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.  If you have additional questions we have not addressed in this letter, please e-mail either Mrs. McGill, mcgilld@hasdpa.net or Mrs. Forrester, forrestera@hasdpa.net .  Include a phone number, time to call, and the nature of your question.  


    Mrs. McGill and Mrs. Forrester

    Yearbook Sponsors