Dual Enrollment Information for Parents/Students


             High School Contact:   Mrs. Anita Mash / Mr. David Vezendy:  724-850-2054

    • Dual enrollment is a partnership between Hempfield Area High School and Westmoreland Community College, Seton Hill University, and LaRoche College where high school students are eligible to earn college credits through approved courses taught by Hempfield teachers here at the high school.
    • Hempfield students who are registered for a class that is approved for dual enrollment may take the class for college credit as long as they register with the appropriate college prior to the deadline date for registration.
    • Students who are interested in taking a course for dual enrollment credit should always check to see if the class they will take for dual enrollment will transfer to the college or university you plan to attend.
    • If students are not sure what college/university they will attend and still would like to take a dual enrolled course, most colleges accept dual enrollment credits with a C grade or better in the class (some accept only B’s or better, and some will only accept the dual enrollment credits as electives….some colleges may not accept the credits at all).
    • Once registered for the class, students simply take our class here at the high school as they normally would.  Our teachers here are approved instructors at the respective institution offering the credit for the course. 
    • The grade the student earns in the class, is the grade that will be placed onto a transcript at the college for the student.

     **Once a student is registered for a dual enrollment class, the high school will not withdraw the student from the course if the “Add/Drop” date has passed      as per the university policy. 

     **Additionally, students will not be added to a dual enrollment roster after the “Add/Drop” date has passed, as per the university policy.

    • Students may not post-date credits for a class they took previously to count for credit (students must sign up for credit by the registration deadline).
    • Transcripts from the college from which credits were earned can be obtained by contacting the college directly:
      • LaRoche College:  Leah Conway (412) 536-1286         
      • Seton Hill University: Sharon Mills (724) 830-1869    
      • WCCC:  Jessica Fry (724) 925-4176