• Take Advantage of the Cyber Lab

    Cyber Lab:

    • The Cyber Lab has been moved to the LIBRARY.

    • Cyber students can work on their online courses throughout the school day in the high school library.

    Who can access the library?

    • Students with blended schedules utilize the library throughout the school day for a cyber period.

    • If you are a student who usually works from home, you are invited to come into school to utilize the lab space in the library to stay on track in your courses.

      • Do I have to attend all day every day? NO! Come in for a few hours, a few days a week even, to get yourself on track.

    Cyber Attendance:

    • Mrs. Owens, our librarian, and your cyber teachers invite you to come into school to work on your online courses. Mrs. Owens will have you sign in and out on a school computer.

    • If you are a cyber student who usually works from home, please stop in the late to school office when you arrive to check in with Mrs. Petrosko. We need to know who is in the building. Mrs. Petrosko will write you a pass to the library.