• .25 credits of Phys. Ed


    ● 7.5 hours are due each nine weeks. Do not wait until the due date to log! Fitness log

    ● The fitness log is worth half of your grade. Log with detail.
    Completing the online course work is worth the other half your grade.

    Grades will be calculated at the end of the 9 weeks as your teacher grades your fitness log. 

    ● You need a total of 15 hours for the first semester, and 15 hours for second semester.

    ● 15 hours cardio + 15 hours resistance = 30 hours for the year

    Please select the link(s) below for fitness log information:

    A special Thank You to Innate Fitness for free membership for HACA students.
    Your generosity is appreciated more than words can say! Thank you Innate Fitness!!