• Why Choose the Hempfield Area Cyber Academy?

    All of our teachers are certified and highly qualified teachers. Not all charter or cyber charter teachers are highly qualified or certified educators.

    1. Keep your hard-earned tax dollars local. When Hempfield students leave the school district to attend outside cyber, charter or performing arts schools, Hempfield is required by law to pay $9,000 per regular education student ($19,500+ per special education student) for their tuition.

    2. The Hempfield Area Cyber Academy has at-home and on-site capabilities, so the student and family can choose what works best for them.

    3. The program is free! No additional cost to take online courses.

    4. You can earn a public school, Tier I diploma. Hempfield students taking online courses will earn a Hempfield diploma.

    5. Hempfield cyber students attend a well-established, well-respected school system that has existed for 60 years.

    6. Hempfield students can take advantage of unique blended schedules, where they can take traditional classes at the high school and courses online.

    7. Hempfield students can participate in Hempfield extra curricular activities and events.

    8. The Hempfield Area Cyber Academy allows students to work toward their goals while maintaining connections at their home public school.

    9. Cyber students can go through the program when it’s convenient for them; the system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    10. The Hempfield Area Cyber Academy students are taught by Hempfield teachers.

    11. Cyber students can come into the high school Cyber Lab in the library to work on their online courses.