• Attendance


    Regular attendance is necessary to assure your best performance in school and is also required by state law. Each student’s attendance record at school is very important. All instances of truancy will follow Hempfield’s Attendance policy #204.

    Students in the Hempfield Area Cyber Academy are required to spend a minimum of 2.5 hours per week on each course in which they are enrolled. Students need to spend at least 42 minutes working on a class before logging onto another cyber course.

    Use the following chart to determine the minimum amount of hours each week required by Hempfield’s Cyber Program:

    1 Cyber Class = 2.5 hours per week

    2 Cyber Classes = 5 hours per week

    3 Cyber Classes = 7.5 Hours per week

    4 Cyber Classes = 10 hours per week

    5 Cyber Classes = 12.5 hours per week

    6 Cyber Classes = 15 hours per week

    7 Cyber Classes = 17.5 hours per week

    8 Cyber Classes = 20 hours per week