• Frequently Asked Questions

    Q - Can my child switch from traditional classes to cyber classes during the school year or vice-versa?
    A - Yes! Since the cyber classes and traditional classes both follow Hempfield's approved curriculum, transitioning can be quite easy for students. We try to do so at the semester break, or at least at the quarter break.

    Q - Can my student complete all of their classes at home?
    A - The vast majority of classwork can be completed at home if your family chooses that option. Students can also complete their work in the cyber lab in the library at the high school.

    Q - How do I transfer from a private or charter School?
    A - Families can enroll in the Hempfield Area School District at our administration with Donna Loy, Pupil Service Secretary.  She can be reached at 724-850-2224 or loyd@hasdpa.net. Once the student is registered with the school district, a school counselor will work with you and cyber coordinator to place the student in the appropriate courses. Completing the online cyber school application will help to expedite the process.

    Q - Can my student take some classes at school and arrive at school late or leave school early?
    A - Yes! Blended schedules (some traditional and some cyber classes) can include schedules which allow students to attend only part of the school day on-site. Cyber staff members will work with your school’s principal to facilitate this.

    Q - How can my child receive help while they are working on a cyber course?
    A - Much of the classwork allows students to retry work if they have not mastered a skill. They can ask questions to our cyber teachers, send emails for help, or come into the Cyber Lab in the high school library during the school day.

    Q - Is all of the work online in the cyber classes?
    A - Yes, all course work in online in the cyber classes.