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Principal Dell's Monthly Newsletter

 Happy New Year

                                       Jan. 1, 2017                                               
 Dear West Point Families, 

     Happy New Year 2017!  I hope your holiday was filled with fun family-time and many memorable moments.  Dave and I flew to Colorado on Christmas Day and my son joined us that day as well.  Brian was not able to come that week, because he just moved to start a new job in Montana!  Yes, another new place to visit.  But, we got to spend a great weekend with him before he moved!  As we always say, “Give your kids wings, and they will fly!”  Sadly, but happily, mine have found great lives in the Midwest!  

     In January, we will once again do our Universal Screenings of all students.  The reading teachers, classroom teachers, and district ICs will be testing all of the students in reading and math.    I am excited to see the growth our children have made.  We will have team collaboration meetings to identify children for the LLI program, Reading Recovery, and other needed interventions in the classroom.  The teachers will be assigning Study Island based on test results.  My main goal for West Point students is to continue the growth we experienced last year in math, as well as improved efforts in writing.  Our Beach Parties will resume in January; hopefully you signed them up.  It’s still not too late to sign up your child.  The students have been improving their fact knowledge and learning math concepts during that hour while enjoying extra time with their friends.  

          The students will be off school on Jan. 16th for the teacher In-Service day and Jan. 17th for the clerical day.  I am sure those two days will be well-enjoyed.  Our collaboration day is Jan. 27th, so any new interventions will begin Feb. 6th, and parents will be notified for permission.  Our teachers and administration look very closely at student data to make sure we are doing what is best for every child’s progress.   

     We will be having Mad Science in February along with Lego Robotics, as we continue to improve STEAM activities at West Point.  Sign up information will be coming in January.  You can be on the lookout for that!  

     As always, please call me at any time, if you have any concerns or questions.  Your children constantly amaze me with their kindness and academic efforts. That can be seen in the evidence we have provided in our WALL of FAME, which continues to grow weekly.  Thank you for your continued support and efforts in helping the children of West Point.  They make us proud daily, and they ARE CARING!!!  I look forward to seeing many of you at the Winter Carnival, Jan. 28th.

Most sincerely,

Mrs. Dell