Items Needed to Help your child be successful:  
  • Two 1" binders.  One binder will stay in the homeroom, and one will travel with the student.  Binders will help your child transition to middle school while ensuring organized success in fifth grade too.
  • Three folders with three holes punched in them.  These will be used for binder dividers and to contain papers for Language Arts, Math, Science/Social Studies.
Fifth Grade Schedule Room 117








Switch Class: Science or Social Studies






Language Arts


Prepare for Dismissal 



Itinerant Schedule
Day 1: Music   D
ay 2: Art  Day 3: Library  Day 4: Technology  Day 5: Physical Education
Grading Scale:
90%--100%      O
80%--89%        P
70%--79%        S
60%--69%        N
below 60%        U
Classroom Rules and Consequences
Respect others           (peers, parents, and teachers)

Observe safety rules     (in all areas of building)

Act responsibly          (completing homework and making wise choices)

Reach for success        (always doing their best and better)

Show kindness            (to others at school and beyond)

Verbal Warning

Loss of playtime

Call home

Visit Mrs. Dell


We are excited to introduce our 5th grade wide behavior plan called, "Hard Work Pays off in 5th Grade!"  Students can earn money to use on many things throughout the year including Minute-to-Win-It parties, items from the store, and other activities.  Please see the chart below for how money is earned, and how money is lost.


Hard Work Pays off in 5th Grade!
Earn Money by... Pay us back if...
 $ As on tests L Missed homework
$ Bs on tests L No pencil/eraser
$ Going above and beyond L Talking in the hall
$ Returning papers on time L No class materials
$ Neat desk and cubby L Talking at bus timE
$ Keeping a Neat binder L Poor attitude
$ Completed planner L Teacher's choice
$ Handwriting practiceL Yellow Slip
$ Teacher's choice
LRed Slip $5
$ Following the ARE CARING traits
Frequently Asked Questions.  This section contains answers to questions often asked by students and parents.

 1.Will my child have homework in fifth grade?

*Yes, your child will have Spelling and Math homework every day, including Friday for Math. if I feel several days of studying will be beneficial.  There will be a weekly reading and spelling test every Friday.

 2.Will my child need to review multiplication facts in fifth grade?

*Yes, we will be beginning with multiplication and division in the new math program.  Surprisingly, many fifth graders still do not have adequate mastery of these facts, and this is the year of mastery.  Please work on these skills over the summer.   

 3.Where can I find daily assignments for my child?

*Your child's homework will be written in his/her daily planner.  I remind students at the end of the day to make sure all assignments are written. Please check it when your child comes home so that we can both insure the success of your child.

 4.How can I check my child's progress?
*Please look at the papers in your child's folder daily.  This is the best way to see your child's daily work, and help them to stay organized.  You can also check your child's progress on Skyward's Parent Portal.  Please note that I only update grades on a weekly basis.  E-mail me anytime for more information. 
 5.What can I do for my child's birthday?

*Please send in a note, letting me know when you would like to send in a snack.  Cookies, doughnuts, and snack bags are great!  The school would like to discourage sending in drinks!  You may also schedule with the cafeteria to eat lunch with your child.  Just send me a note and let me know if you are buying a school lunch or bringing your lunch.  You may also bring lunch for your child.  A week's notice would be great!